Damn Sour Syringe

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Terpenes: B_Caryophyllene : 13.79mg Humulene : 4.37mg Linalool : 3.78mg

THC: 65.60% Damn Sour is a mostly sativa strain Sage N Sour genetics. As its name suggests, this cannabis variety inherits a distinctive sour aroma with funky hints of diesel. Its effects immediately flood the cerebral space with intense. In a concentrate syringe. Dubbed as a great wake-and-bake strain by reviewers, the hybrid Damn Sour is an award-winning strain that"s renowned for its effects. Some say they have enjoyed fun-filled productivity while others say that it energized them and helped them feel ready for any challenge. Reviewers claim their mood improved, energy escalated, and creativity flowed as they experienced a cheerful high.Kannabis with a K has been a cultivator of Damn Sour, and its cured buds show hues of neon and light greens, with tan pistils and a coat of trichomes that lighten its tones. While the scent of Damn Sour is, not surprisingly, sour, it has hints of diesel or skunk and citrus. The taste has been described as harsh but it is quite popular, nonetheless.THC levels of Damn Sour tend to average around 20%. Damn Sour genetics stem from the Sage N Sour strain.

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