Greenway Glue #4

By Greenway Medical


B_Caryophyllene : 4.6mg Limonene : 3mg Myrcene : 8.4mg

THC: 26.44%

The sativa-dominant hybrid Gorilla Glue #4 is a cannabis strain that emits a piney, slightly minty scent with sour/lemon undertones and bears a sweet, chocolatey aftertaste. It derives its name from the sticky trichomes that act like a "glue" when trimming is done to the plant, making the scissors tacky and hard to handle (but it"s worth it!).Its THC levels can range between 17-25%, making this a potent sativa. Its high is mostly cerebral and creates a clear-headed happy and euphoric feel, relaxing the body though not enough to couch-lock the consumer. Many use this strain during the day to induce creativity or to uplift their spirits for social events while reliving the body"s aches and pains that may prevent them from venturing into public. Despite the high THC levels, reviewers have recommended this strain for all cannabis consumers novice and veterans alike.Women have reported that this is an excellent strain to use for relieving menstrual cramps.Growers can expect a flowering time of nine weeks.

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