Kynd Sour Diesel PR


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B_Caryophyllene : 6.2mg Limonene : 3.2mg Myrcene : 7mg

THC: 22.73%

As its name implies, this famous strain emits a pungent diesel scent that makes it instantly recognizable. True enthusiasts of sour strains are drawn in by the high concentrations of myrcene and d-limonene, rounded out by earthier notes derived from linalool, a-pinene, and b-caryophyllene. It"s a quick-acting and invigorating strain that reduces stress, pain and depression with long-lasting relief.EffectsHappinessEuphoriaMotivationStress ReliefEnergetic OnsetRelaxing FinishGeneticsChem 91Northern LightsSkunk (unknown phenotype)

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