Old School Lemons 3 for $28 Pre-Roll

By Blue Birds

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THC: 16.00% (Sativa) OG Kush crossed with Ghost Train Haze, this flower represents happiness in bud world, slather in appetizing orange fuzz! Want a thrill? Treat yourself to Old School Lemons and strap in. If you happen to find Old School Lemons at your local dispensary, try not to pass up giving it a try. It"s a rare find, and reviewers have boasted about its clear-headed high that sparks creativity and inspiration while keeping the body relaxed and tension-free.Some say they have consumed Old School Lemons and found that social events and conversations become far more interesting and engaging, while say they others have enjoyed this strain for treating chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, depression, and fatigue.Its taste and scent are of sour lemons mixed with spicy pine, and its genetics stem from the classic OG Kush mixed with Ghost Train Haze.THC levels tend to stay around the mid-20s.

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