Sour Patch Kiss

By Desert Bloom

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Terpenes: B_Caryophyllene : 13.2mg Myrcene : 9.6mg Ocimene : 5.9mg

THC: 21.34% Sour Patch Kiss was designed as a heavy-yielding trichome producer. This was achieved by crossing Kimbo Kush"s sweet, doughy aroma with Sour Kush"s pungent odor and generous production. Sour Patch Kiss stands as a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid but represents its Kush lineage in effects. Offering a heady rush at the onset due to its high-THC percentage, Sour Patch Kiss offers a melting euphoria that settles in the limbs as low-level sedation, curbing stress while honing focus.

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