Tangerine Kush PR

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B_Caryophyllene : 2.88mg Myrcene : 0.82mg Terpinolene : 3.74mg

THC: 17.33%

Tangerine Kush embodies the California sunshine. This cannabis strain got its name for both its citrusy flavor and its halo of bright orange hairs covering the bud. While the effects of this indica are particularly short-lasting, Tangerine Kush is potent with a quick onset. Providing consumers with a happy, body-heavy sensation, this strain is great for those looking for a lazy day at the beach. Tangerine Kush"s effects are felt more in the head than many other indicas. Upon first taste, consumers may feel uplifted and energized. After a few minutes, however, a heavy, lazy sensation kicks in. If you"re looking for a strain to help you relax, Tangerine Kush may be worth a try.

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